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havent been on this website in liiiiiiiiike half a year lmao xD

Hi, thanks for following! (:
Do I know you? o___o

im cameron lol

Best pick up line ever….”Does this smell like chloroform” - Josh Galbraith


It sucks that now that I graduated I have alot of freetime. I dont have the things to do anymore like use to that fills in that time. so now im always thinking too much I dont talk to alot of old friends, which some of them i have stared talking to more. Some of them I feel like i annoy them when i talk to them. Idk. I cant wait til school is over cuz then ill have ppl to hang out with and lots of things to do. I miss alot of my close friends. I see them rarely. And there is one of my best friends i havent seen in like over a year…cough linda cough cough. You and ur chicken nuggets. hmmm i wonder wat my next topic will be about.


What is tumblr may I ask?
Asked by Anonymous

To me its a site to just blog about stuff and just express urself. 

First blog ever

Wow never blogged before. but idk i think about things too much. I have a lot to be happy about but i dont always feel happy. its just something im wanting but not getting. i dont no what it is. i love the friends i have. i wouldnt change them for anything. i learned who my real friends are and who i can trust. i just came from houston. i went back home for the weekend and i felt so good being home. its like i wanna stay home an go to school but i just cant. i like being away but i miss my mommy. but i like my space. yea i no its confusing. HI ROXY!!! :]

"Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly." ~ Robert F. Kennedy